theGlancer wants to craft the best possible shopping experience for everyone.

Today’s mobile shoppers are passionate, curious and more research obsessed than ever. Intrigued by the thrill of the hunt, they spend time scouring mobile sites and apps to find the best products, deals, and reviews—demanding fast and frictionless experiences along the way. They spend hours researching product benefits and reading reviews before deciding what to buy. Even product aspects that were once low consideration, such as ingredients, now generate hours of research time. theGlancer serve unique needs in shoppers’ increasingly complex journey. To better understand how theGlancer is driving purchase decisions, read more about us.

A Little About Us

Shopping is a passion, one that people don't always want to admit. People mostly don't want others to realize how much time they spend just scrolling through thousands of items, hoping to find one that will catch their eye. What a massive waste of time! That's how we came up the idea of theGlancer, it sounded like a tool right up our alley.

We believe in a world where you have total freedom to be you, without judgement. To experiment. To express yourself. To be brave and grab life as the extraordinary adventure it is. So we make sure everyone has an equal chance to discover all the amazing things they’re capable of – no matter who they are, where they’re from or what looks they like to boss. We exist to give you the confidence to be whoever you want to be.


We don’t do fashion like anyone else does fashion. Our theGlancer Brands, created by our London design team, look between the lines to bring you the freshest clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts. When it comes to other brands at theGlancer, we select the best of those too – so, guaranteed, you'll always get the biggest variety, most covetable exclusives and coolest collabs.


You know that satisfying feeling when you stumble across an incredible vintage boutique, or uncover an amazing independent brand, before everyone else? Yeah, we love that too. That’s why we created theGlancer Marketplace in 2010. The team seeks out the best fashion start-ups and it’s now home to more than 700 boutiques – so you can shop one-of-a-kind finds all the time.


At theGlancer, we never settle. We have an always testing, ‘always in beta’ philosophy, constantly improving to make it all just that bit better every day. From free delivery and returns to innovative visual search tech, if it hasn’t been done before, we find a way to do it anyway.


We set up theGlancer Foundation because we believe everyone deserves access to the same opportunities. It achieved full charity status in 2013 and provides infrastructure, training and support to enable disadvantaged young adults to reach their potential. We work with charity partners to create sustainable, long-term change in the UK, India and Kenya, including The Prince’s Trust, Centrepoint, Udayan Care, SOKO Community Trust and Wildlife Works Carbon Trust.

theGlancer's Purpose - Mission & Vision

We are devoted to provide the most advanced engineered solutions for a more efficient life and committed to exploiting cutting edge technology to transform online shopping experience.

TheGlancer has the potential to simplify the convoluted world of online shopping and to connect consumers to the precise products they are looking for and could benefit the lives of millions.

Make it simple, fast, and easy to find what our customers are looking for, save time, or shop on a budget. We find ways to let people tell you what’s important to them -classic or modern, budget or luxury- and then suggest matches that fit those needs.

Understand the different moments and mindsets of our users as they’re planning a shopping experience presents a great opportunity to become a part of their consideration set early on in their decision-making process.

We are focused on making it a one-stop shopping experience, whenever, wherever, however the customer decides.

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