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theGlancer learns your taste and empowers you to browse through the numerous handpicked online stores to explore products matter to you and satisfy your shopping cravings with minimal efforts.

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We are devoted to provide the most advanced engineered solutions for a more efficient life and committed to exploiting cutting-edge technology to transform online shopping experience.


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At theGlancer, we’ve built our business around anticipating our users’ needs, because it’s the best way to deliver strong results.People can’t tell you exactly what they might want next, so we take cues from past actions to predict future intentions.


Search Similar Products

More and more people are using search to optimize their real-world experiences. Search is absolutely central here in theGlancer, acting as the filter that enables the empowered consumer to get what they want, when they want, wherever they want.


Best Deals Of The Season

Today’s shoppers are more informed than ever with theGlancer as their “anywhere” assistants. Users are now researching to find the best deals of the season before, during & after Black Friday, & hatching a game plan to determine what, where, and when to buy.

How theGlancer Works

"theGlancer offers more options for where, when and how to buy."

"Independent and unbiased & completely free, we simply find you the best products out there in seconds."

  • Start Your Profile

  • Tell Us Your Interests

    Follow categories, from Sneakers to Shirts, Gadgets to Home

    Glance at new products to grow your lists

    Like people, products or brands as you browse, or Pass on items you want to skip. The more you interact, the more precisely personalized your recommendation stream will be!

  • Uncover Trends & Brands

  • Discover

    Explore the just what you’re looking for by searching in multiple hand-picked online stores.

    Explore Similar Products

    theGlancer finds similar products from various merchants for free.

  • Search

    theGlancer searches hundreds of other e-commerce sites so you don’t have to.

    All in one place!

    You can still shop every piece you'll find on the theGlancer. Search by type, size, brand, price and color, or browse and buy our trend and occasion edits.

  • Seamless Shopping Experience

  • Shop Smarter

    Instantly search, compare and discover products & brands anytime, anywhere for your next shopping.

    Easily Search & Save What You Want

    theGlancer lets you see all of your liked and saved products in one place and make the most of your next shopping decision.

  • Keep Track

    You can save your favorite Items forever under your lists.

    Find & Save What You Want

    Sync your latest searches and price alerts via your mobile phone, so you reach your collections anytime, anywhere.

Shop At The Moment of Inspiration

Personalized Shopping Discovery Engine

With thousands of stores and millions of products, there is always something new to discover.
Tell us your interests - from music to makeup, gadgets to glamour - the more you pick, the more your stream reflects your unique personality.
theGlancer is smart, it acts as your personal shopping assistant and learns what you like based on your interests, endorsements, and profiles you’re following. As you glance, like or dislike products, and follow new people you will receive personalized suggestions for new and exciting products matter yo you.
The more you use theGlancer, the smarter and more personalized it becomes. Interact with the community through following, liking and commenting on items shared by stores or members.

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Unique Product Clustering

Easy Search & Countless Similar Products

theGlancer has all your favorite stores in one app, and our search filters make it quick & easy to find exactly what you are looking for.
If you can’t describe what you’re looking for, simply search with keywords or tags.
Thanks to unique product tagging technology, theGlancer gives you countless similar options and help you to make side by side comparisons. Buy similar products at your price through curated recommendations by yours truly!

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Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Follow Your All Favorite Stores In One Place

Get updates on new products, latest collections and be the first to know about sales, and exclusives.
Browse any online store within theGlancer and save all items you want in one place. Bring your collections with you in-store, to help make your shopping experience easier and quicker.
Your glance list makes it easy to come back to all of the great things you discover anytime you want. Keep track of all the stuff you saved to never miss a thing! Save products you’ve seen to purchase later (particularly helpful when payday is so close, yet so far).

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All Awesome Online Shops In One Place

Every store on theGlancer goes through our “awesomeness” test, so you can be sure to find the crème de la crème of items from high street to high end, all in here.

Explore collections, see our editors’ picks, and meet the new brands and retailers we love, from over 30+ countries. Whether you are in London, Sydney or Toronto, we've got all your favorite online shopping stores covered!

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